Best Ways to Reduce the Risk of Strokes

The risk of a stroke affecting a person is quite common. If you have been leading a lifestyle which is in line with current trends it is likely that you will soon face a problem which will require plenty of attention. Your age, gender, race and even your family history can play a role in this matter. Men are perhaps more prone to heart diseases than women. Fortunately, there is no need to fear because there are several options which if adopted right away can reduce the risk of strokes. Let us look at some of the options available to you.

Limiting your intake of alcohol and giving up smoking altogether is a good way to make a beginning. Smoking is a matter of choice, but it can damage the blood vessels in your body. Alcohol when had in excess can increase your blood pressure which in turn exposes you to the risk of strokes. If you find it difficult to manage these issues on your own get help from a medical practitioner who will be able to advise you properly.

Managing your blood pressure is another factor which you must consider. The moment your systolic and diastolic blood pressure begins moving up you are at a higher risk of being affected by cardiovascular diseases. Contact your physician right away and make attempts to bring back your blood pressure under control.

High-cholesterol levels within your body also play a role. This is one factor, which can only be diagnosed by a physician. If you think that your cholesterol levels may be higher you are recommended to get a lipid profile test conducted right away. This will give you numbers about your HDL and LDL cholesterol and will help your physician determine the future course of action.

Look forward to leading a healthy lifestyle by incorporating a healthy diet regularly. Cut down on fatty foods of all types apart from carbonated drinks. Being overweight is another factor, which can increase your risks of contacting heart diseases. Getting some exercise regularly will help in your effort to keep such risks under control.

It is possible that you may have heard that the French despite having fatty foods and not following many of the pointers mentioned above still face a reduced risk of strokes. This is because of their consumption of red wine, which is known to contain resveratrol and can keep such problems away from you. Unfortunately trying to include wine with your diet will prove futile because you will need to have at least 16 L of red wine every day to stay away from problems like these. Fortunately, researchers have come up with a way which can give you the resveratrol without having to drink large quantities of wine. Start researching supplements of resveratrol because they can help you in your efforts to stay away from problems of the heart.

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