How Men Really Feel About Hair Loss

We live in a world that seems to be obsessed with beauty. While many believe the attention is mostly focused on women, there are a lot of men that also feel like they have to measure up to a standard that might be hard to actually obtain. This is especially true when it comes to hair loss. Sometimes even bringing up the subject of hair loss can be a problem for some men because it might cause feels of angst if they are experiencing any type of hair loss. However, not everyone feels the same way, so it’s best not to make any generalizations, but to try and understand how men really feel about the issue.

Studies have shown that balding is becoming more acceptable among men. As we all know, there are some actors that have done quite well in Hollywood without any hair. This has been the case for decades. Some people believe that whether or not a person can accept going bald depends on whether they have the type of head that looks good without any hair. In a recent survey, men were asked how they felt about going bald and many responded that they would be fine with the issue as long as their significant other didn’t have a problem with it. Others in the survey responded quite differently, indicating that they would do anything and everything within their power to prevent going bald, regardless of how anyone in their life felt about the situation. Fortunately, there are a lot of different mens hair regrowth products on the market.

If we’re honest about balding, it’s clear that sometimes a man losing his hair can cause him to look slightly older. However, that might not be a bad thing. Some men look quite distinguished without hair. As one person pointed out, it’s possible for a man to be just as attractive without hair, if not more attractive. Every situation is different, and one should never put everyone into the same category. For some responders, it was simply about the degree of baldness and whether or not they could maintain the same general appearance.

When asked about balding, the large majority of men reported that they have embraced their appearance and are more concerned with being emotionally healthy than having hair. As with many things in life, it’s all about perspective and making sure you are seeing the situation through the proper lens. Life is hard enough and whether it’s an issue hair loss or anything else, it’s important to give yourself room to feel how you feel and grow where necessary. One respondent indicated that he had time to embrace being bald because his father was bald and didn’t have a problem with it. By the time he grew up and loss his hair, it was a non-issue. Based on the different responses, it appears that focusing on regrowing your hair is perfectly fine for some if it works out, but they won’t worry if it doesn’t.

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