Top 6 Tests that your ENT Doctor Is Obliged to Perform

You will go to your ENT for care of a number of different problems with your ears, nose, and throat, but you need to allow your doctor to do some tests for you so that they can see what is going on with you. There are a few tests performed by ENT doctors that you need to learn about before your first appointment.

1. Exam

You are given a basic physical exam so that your doctor knows if you have any other conditions that have nothing to do with their specialty. Symptoms could present in your body in other ways, and it all depends on what they see during the exam. You might need to go see another doctor, or they might know which ENT doctor tests to do when they realize you are experiencing symptoms of some larger problem.

2. Culture

Taking a culture of the mucus that you have in your system could help the ENT doctor learn why you are not feeling well or experiencing these symptoms. There are a lot of people who get a culture taken just so the doctor can cover all their bases, and it might reveal an underlying problem that was not obvious.

3. Nasal Endoscopy

A nasal endoscopy will allow your doctor to see what is happening in your nasal passages. They will look into your nasal passages to see what could be causing your problems, and they will make a determination if they see something that causes them concerns. Someone who has never had one of these before should ask their ENT doctor what the procedure will be like.

4. Hearing Test

Hearing tests help your doctor determine if you have any hearing issues that might be masking problems that you have. You should allow your doctor to take you through a full hearing test so that they could rule out any hearing loss that might be the cause of some of your problems.


5. Pressure Test

A pressure test will determine if you have any fluid or pressure in your ears or sinuses that should not be there. You will discover that your body might have too much lingering pressure, and that helps you avoid issues that people would have with pressure in their sinuses or ears because it was never alleviated. People often assume this is just like their ears popping on a plane, but that is not the case all the time.

6. Allergy Test

An allergy test will find if you have any allergies to things that will cause your body to go into panic mode. You might have issues with allergies that make you feel terrible, and it would be wise to get these allergies treated before you move on to other treatments.

Coming Up with a Diagnosis

Your ENT doctor will do some tests when you come to the office, and you must submit to all tests performed by ENT doctors because they need to come up with a diagnosis. You can get better treatment after the tests have been done, and your doctor will test again if they want to see improvement.

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