How to protect your skin from pollution?

Trolling under the rays of the sun in summer or enjoying the fresh air in winter, these are little pleasures that life gives us! In order to preserve the beauty capital of your skin, it is important to protect it from pollution and ultra-violet (UV) rays when you go out on the town. Treatments, rituals and beauty routine, Veld’s give you all its secrets to protect your skin from pollution.

What is the effect of pollution on the skin?

Air pollution (or air pollution) represents too high a concentration of impurities in the air. These then alter the composition and quality of the air we breathe. There are two kinds of air pollutants:

Primary pollutants: these are particles or gases released into the atmosphere from natural phenomena, or from human activity. For example, carbon dioxide (CO2) is released during forest fires, volcanic eruptions or simply, when we breathe. Human activities (road traffic, heating, etc.) also generate the emission of these polluting particles and gases.

Secondary pollutants: we speak of secondary pollutants when, under certain weather conditions (humidity, heat, light), the primary pollutants undergo chemical reactions between them and become much more harmful.

The effects of pollution on the skin

On a daily basis, the skin is subjected to numerous aggressions. In winter, very cold temperatures will tend to dry it out deeply. In summer, the skin retains its hydration better but generates more sebum to protect it from heat and UV use products from If you have to adapt your beauty routine according to the season, keep in mind that exposure to pollution is present all year round.

According to a study by the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, pollution destroys the hydrolipidic film which acts as a protective barrier for the skin. When the hydrolipidic film is altered, the skin is more fragile and defends itself as best it can: it produces more sebum, in an attempt to recreate a protective film. This excess sebum clogs the pores, preventing light from entering the skin (the complexion becomes dull) and causing pimples and blackheads. On sensitive skin, redness and inflammation appear quickly.

In mature skin, which is particularly fragile, it is essential to protect against pollution. By reducing the skin barrier and putting the skin to the test, pollution is one of the first factors of premature skin aging . In addition, pollution promotes the production of free radicals, responsible for deep wrinkles and loss of firmness in the epidermis.

How to protect your skin from pollution?

If you live or work in the city and pollution is your daily life, it is necessary to take this into account in your beauty routine. Every night, remove your makeup carefully, in order to remove make-up, but also the impurities that have settled on the surface of the skin tissue.

Then cleanse your skin with a suitable cleanser, to remove the last residues of makeup, perspiration, sebum, and pollution particles. It is very important to clean up every evening, to allow the skin to “breathe” and to regenerate. To get rid of pollution particles anchored deep in the epidermis, regularly exfoliate your skin!

At Veld’s, we have designed the 2 in 1 skincare range Clean clean clean , which removes make-up, cleanses and exfoliates the skin in a single gesture . Mix the cleansing powder with the cleansing oil to obtain a fresh emulsion with a slightly exfoliating action. Your skin is clean, free of all pollution residues.

In addition to this daily routine, we suggest that you apply our Age commando anti-pollution mask once or twice a week: with black vegetable charcoal extract, it absorbs pollution residues present in the epidermis, while strengthening the barrier function of the skin. Its targeted action is ideal for those who live in cities: the skin texture is refined, the skin regains a solid shade, and above all, it is better protected on a daily basis!

Strengthen your skin barrier to protect your skin

Once your skin is clean and clear, it’s time to move on to hydration. Indeed, to rebalance and strengthen the hydrolipidic film in order to fight against pollution, hydration is the key. Each evening, apply our Age 2 O deep hydration cream , ideal for plumping the skin from the inside, and reconstituting a skin shield worthy of the name.

If your skin tends to be dry and particularly reactive, you can reinforce the action of the moisturizer with Age 2 O serum. It promotes the circulation of water in the epidermis, strengthens the hydrolipidic film thanks to its concentrated formula, and offers the skin an anti-aging action, to smooth wrinkles and regain suppleness and firmness.

Against pollution, adopt a healthy lifestyle

In addition to an adapted beauty routine, adopting a healthy lifestyle is a very good way to protect your skin from pollution. To keep your skin hydrated and preserve the skin barrier, it is essential to drink enough throughout the day. The beverages high in antioxidants and vitamins such as green tea, fresh fruit juices and smoothies (lemon, grapefruit, orange) are perfect for hunting free radicals and prevent signs of aging.

When you make your meals, think of whole grains, seeds and vegetable oils (flax, olive, nuts or rapeseed) rich in omega 3. They help strengthen the hydrolipidic film and protect the skin from external aggressions !

And because you can’t talk about healthy living without addressing the issue of sleep, try to keep a regular cycle, with at least 7 hours of sleep per night. This rest time allows your skin to oxygenate to regenerate better , and thus be more resistant to pollution.

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